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3000 New Zealand women are di­ag­nosed with breast can­cer ev­ery year, so know­ing how to pro­tect your­self is im­por­tant. Here are two sim­ple changes you can make to re­duce your risk: Al­co­hol in­creases breast can­cer risk, ex­er­cise low­ers it.

New re­search sug­gests that as lit­tle as 10g of al­co­hol per day – the equiv­a­lent of a small glass of wine or beer – raises the risk of pre­menopausual breast can­cer by five per cent. The same amount of al­co­hol raises the risk of post­menopausal breast can­cer – the most com­mon form of breast can­cer – by nine per cent. Con­versely, mod­er­ate ex­er­cise de­creases the risk of both pre- and post­menopausal can­cer. The most ac­tive post­menopausal women are 10 per cent less likely to de­velop breast can­cer com­pared with the least ac­tive women. For pre­menopausal women, the drop in risk is 17 per cent.

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