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Ap­ples are an ex­cel­lent foun­tain of youth. Their fruit acid acts like an anti-wrin­kle agent, and over 600 carotenoids pro­tect the skin from UV dam­age. One clin­i­cal study on crow’s feet has shown that ap­ply­ing ap­ple stem cells in a cream form (from phar­ma­cies) for 28 days sig­nif­i­cantly re­duces wrin­kles.


These zesty fruits are high in vi­ta­min C, which is not only good for our im­mu­nity, but also for main­tain­ing young-look­ing skin. The rea­son? It helps re­duce dis­coloured skin cells faster.


Wa­ter has a cleans­ing ef­fect in the body. More waste prod­ucts can be flushed out, pre­vent­ing vas­cu­lar dis­eases and age­ing pro­cesses. Aim to drink two litres a day.

Friends and fam­ily

Feel­ing se­cure pro­tects our cells from stress: if we’re near friends and fam­ily, our body re­leases fewer cell-dam­ag­ing sub­stances, ac­cord­ing to find­ings from a study con­ducted by the Univer­sity of Utah.

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