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Ten­sion-type headache, rather than mi­graine, is what most of us mean when we talk about hav­ing a headache. Symp­toms in­clude a con­stant ache on both sides of the head, a tight neck and pres­sure be­hind the eyes. Causes in­clude:

De­hy­dra­tion... If a headache strikes, drink a glass of wa­ter (around 200-250ml) ev­ery 15-20 min­utes un­til the pain sub­sides.

Poor sleep... Prac­tise a wind­down rou­tine, mak­ing sure your bed­room is dark, not too hot or cold and solely for sleep­ing in.

Stress... Tak­ing time out to prac­tise breath­ing or mind­ful­ness can help.

Eye strain... Look away from the task in hand reg­u­larly, fo­cus­ing on the mid­dle dis­tance. Check bright­ness, con­trast and text size on screen.

Mus­cle ten­sion... Pay at­ten­tion to how you sit and stand. You should be up­right but not rigid, with a nat­u­ral curve in your spine, and your lower back should be sup­ported. Take a break hourly to stretch. Alexan­der Tech­nique classes can help.

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