Testos­terone lev­els fall and this can have an im­pact on your li­bido


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Menopause can have a big im­pact on your re­la­tion­ship and sex life. Know­ing what to do and where to get help is im­por­tant.

What’s go­ing on?

Lower lev­els of oe­stro­gen af­fect your vagina and can make it thin­ner, drier and less elas­tic. Testos­terone lev­els fall grad­u­ally with age and this can have an im­pact on your li­bido. Also:

It is dif­fi­cult to feel like hav­ing sex if you have ex­pe­ri­enced pain be­cause of a dry vagina.

You are ex­hausted be­cause of menopause symp­toms.

You feel moody or frus­trated by all the changes.

You feel you do not want to be touched as much.

What you can do

Con­sult your doc­tor. Some women may im­prove with HRT or use of vagi­nal oe­stro­gen, or vagi­nal creams to tackle dry­ness.

A dry vagina makes sex pain­ful and even think­ing about sex can make you anx­ious if pain is likely. If this is hap­pen­ing, treat the phys­i­cal symp­toms first to re­duce the pain, and then the fear of pain dur­ing sex may also re­duce.

If fear of sex is wor­ry­ing you, talk to a psy­chol­o­gist or sex ther­a­pist. They can ex­plain what you can do to stop the prob­lem be­com­ing worse.

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