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Good Health Choices - - Your 32-page Guide -

1. Do you like the idea of mak­ing big changes to your diet?

If YES: go to 2

If NO: go to 3

2. Have you got­ten eas­ily bored with di­ets in the past?

If YES: go to 3

If NO: go to 4

3. Do you like cook­ing from scratch?

IF YES: go to 4

If NO: go to 5

4. Are you or­gan­ised and good at plan­ning shop­ping and eat­ing?

If YES: go to 5

If NO: go to 8

5. Would you find it pos­si­ble to eat dif­fer­ently to fam­ily and those around you?

If YES: go to 13

If NO: go to 8

6. Are you happy to mea­sure out por­tions?

If YES: go to 7

If NO: go to 18

7. Are you cook­ing for a fam­ily?

If YES: go to 8

If NO: go to 12

8. Are you happy to count calo­ries all the time?

If YES: try the CALO­RIE COUNT­ING diet (page 64). If you’re will­ing to add up what you’re eat­ing, it’s a tried-and-tested way to lose weight fast.

If NO: go to 9

9. Are you able to skip meals with­out feel­ing tired or grumpy?

If YES: INTERMITTENT FAST­ING (page 53) is the plan for you. On this ev­i­dence-based diet you can eat what you want most of the time, but will need to re­strict your in­take for two days ev­ery week.

If NO: go to 14

10. Do you love eat­ing meat and fish?

If YES: go to 11

If NO: go to 13

11. Is it prac­ti­cal for you to cut out all pro­cessed foods?

If YES: try the HIGH FAT LOW CARB diet (page 67). This plan is based around whole­some, nat­u­ral foods.

If NO: go to 8

12. Is eat­ing – ei­ther in res­tau­rants or with fam­ily or friends – an im­por­tant so­cial ac­tiv­ity for you?

If YES: go to 14

If NO: go to 15

13. Would you be happy to stop eat­ing an­i­mal prod­ucts?

If YES: you could con­sider go­ing VE­GAN (page 61). As well as be­ing an eth­i­cal choice, re­search shows that cut­ting out an­i­mal prod­ucts is an ef­fec­tive way to shift ki­los.

If NO: go to 16

14. Are you com­fort­able learn­ing more about nu­tri­ents in food?

If YES: try eat­ing the LOW GI way (page 73). You can eat a broad range of foods but you

will need to get to grips with GI rat­ings.

If NO: go to 17

15. Do you en­joy ex­per­i­ment­ing with foods?

If YES: go to 16

If NO: go to 17

16. Are you ready to em­brace a big life­style change?

If YES: the PA­LEO plan (page 50) could be for you! It’s a way to com­pletely over­haul the way you look at food.

If NO: go to 19

17. Do you en­joy eat­ing lo­cal, sea­sonal foods, even in win­ter?

If YES: give the whole­some

NEW NORDIC diet (page 55) a whirl. Based on a tra­di­tional north­ern Euro­pean diet, it’s high in nu­tri­ents and low in fat­ten­ing in­gre­di­ents.

If NO: go to 18

18. Do you of­ten ex­pe­ri­ence bloat­ing/dis­com­fort after eat­ing?

If YES: you may ben­e­fit from a GLUTEN-FREE plan (page 70). You’ll shift ki­los and beat the bloat.

If NO: go to 19

19. Have sweet treats al­ways been your diet down­fall?

If YES: give SU­GAR-FREE (page 58) eat­ing a go – it may seem tricky to start but you’ll get a lot more con­trol over your diet.

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