Good Health Choices - - Your 32-page Guide -

Al­lowed foods should be lo­cal, sea­sonal and or­ganic if pos­si­ble

OILY FISH in­clud­ing salmon, mack­erel and her­ring, plus white fish and seafood

VEG­ETA­BLES: Cab­bage and other bras­si­cas, root veg­eta­bles, in­clud­ing pota­toes and dark leafy greens such as spinach

FRUIT: Mainly berries, ap­ples and pears GOOD-QUAL­ITY WHOLE GRAINS es­pe­cially rye, plus bar­ley and oats

RAPE­SEED OIL con­tains more omega-3 fatty acids than olive oil

LEGUMES: Beans, seeds and len­tils

FRESH HERBS add flavour and fresh­ness

GAME OR LEAN MEAT ideally grass-reared and or­ganic

FOR­AGED WILD FOODS such as mush­rooms, berries and herbs – make sure you know they’re safe.

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