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If there’s one ques­tion I have to brace my­self for when­ever I’m head­ing to a party, it’s this: “What do you do for work?” It’s not that I dis­like talk­ing about be­ing an an­gel card reader, who de­liv­ers mes­sages from clients’ guardian an­gels through my cards – ac­tu­ally I love dis­cussing how my clients have gone on to make changes in their lives by fol­low­ing the guid­ance I’ve chan­nelled. It’s just that rais­ing this topic in­evitably means deal­ing with a lot of mis­con­cep­tions. I’m some­times tempted to lie and claim ‘I sell pho­to­copiers’ to avoid any fur­ther ques­tions (not that there’s any­thing wrong with sell­ing pho­to­copiers, of course).

The an­gel cards I use in my work are sim­i­lar to tarot cards, but with­out the spooky con­no­ta­tions, such as that in­fa­mous death card which has been pop­u­larised on so many TV shows. In­stead, the mes­sages are en­cour­ag­ing and help­ful. Cru­cially, an­gel cards don’t pre­dict the fu­ture – which is an­other mis­con­cep­tion I en­counter fre­quently (along with cliched jokes about pick­ing the win­ning lot­tery num­bers… yawn). And ac­tu­ally, that’s the rea­son I work with an­gel cards. They ac­cu­rately – and some­times freak­ily – re­flect what’s go­ing on in a client’s life, es­pe­cially the things they haven’t fully ac­cepted them­selves yet, but still give peo­ple li­cence to make their own de­ci­sions. Noth­ing is set in stone, and the fu­ture is some­thing you cre­ate your­self, which is very em­pow­er­ing. Per­son­ally, I don’t want to know what my fu­ture looks like – I’d rather make it hap­pen my­self (fol­low­ing cues from my an­gels, of course), and the peo­ple who are typ­i­cally drawn to my ser­vices feel the same way.

When some­one comes to me for an an­gel card read­ing, which I pro­vide via Skype or email in half-hour or one-

the cards re­flect what’s go­ing on in a client’s life, es­pe­cially the things they haven’t ac­cepted yet

hour slots, they’re of­ten at a cross­roads in their life or try­ing to move for­ward in some area. The most com­mon area asked about is re­la­tion­ships – es­pe­cially ‘How can I find my soul­mate?’ or ‘Should I stay or should I go?’ – closely fol­lowed by ca­reer guid­ance and gen­eral ques­tions about find­ing pur­pose in life. To get the an­swers, I tune into clients’ guardian an­gels (yes, ev­ery­one has them) then shuf­fle the cards; the ones that jump out, or that are on top when the an­gels tell me to stop shuf­fling, are the right mes­sages for that client. Don’t ask me how this works – it just does.


Peo­ple are of­ten cu­ri­ous about ex­actly how I tune into the an­gelic realm, and this is where things can get a lit­tle too new age-y for some (and be­fore you ask: no, I can’t talk to dead peo­ple). Any­one can talk to their an­gels; it isn’t some mys­ti­cal power be­stowed on a few spe­cial in­di­vid­u­als, but it’s true cer­tain peo­ple have a stronger abil­ity to com­mu­ni­cate with the di­vine than oth­ers. And if you’re won­der­ing whether I’m read­ing your mind, that’s not how this works; I can’t tune into your an­gels with­out your per­mis­sion, and they only tell me the key mes­sages for you, not the de­tails of the sex dream you had last night or the packet of Tim Tams you se­cretly ate in your car ear­lier.

When I ask for an­gel guid­ance, it comes to me

The cards that are on top when the an­gels tell me to stop shuf­fling are the right mes­sages for that client

an­gel guid­ance comes to me via in­tu­itive feel­ings, voices or vi­su­als, which typ­i­cally con­sists of sym­bols

via in­tu­itive feel­ings (of­ten loosely called gut in­stinct), voices or vi­su­als, which typ­i­cally con­sist of sym­bols. For ex­am­ple, in a re­cent ses­sion I was shown a client be­ing swept down a cliff in a land­slide. This was not a lit­eral pre­dic­tion of some nat­u­ral dis­as­ter that will hit her neigh­bour­hood, but a sym­bol of her get­ting swept up in the tide of what other peo­ple are do­ing in­stead of tak­ing the unique path that is right for her. It’s taken prac­tice for me to un­der­stand what these mes­sages mean, and to learn to trust them.

Is it ac­cu­rate? Of course, but that doesn’t mean I don’t some­times mis­read the in­for­ma­tion pre­sented to me –

I am hu­man, af­ter all, but with prac­tice I’ve bet­ter honed my craft. Some­times a client isn’t quite giv­ing me the full story (eg not re­veal­ing that the ‘part­ner’ they’ve asked about is mar­ried to some­one else) and that lim­its my abil­ity to give them help­ful guid­ance.

The ma­jor mis­con­cep­tions I deal with are fu­elled by scep­ti­cism, and that’s okay – I never try to force my work onto any­one. Ex­pe­ri­ence has taught me an­gel card read­ings won’t res­onate with cer­tain peo­ple, es­pe­cially those who aren’t will­ing to make changes in their lives (case in point: those who are con­vinced their life will only im­prove when they get into a re­la­tion­ship, not un­der­stand­ing they need to im­prove their life be­fore they’re able to at­tract a part­ner).

An­gel card read­ings aren’t for ev­ery­one – but for those with open minds and a will­ing­ness to grow, they can be a hugely ben­e­fi­cial tool for per­sonal de­vel­op­ment.

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