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We all know that stress is detri­men­tal to health, but its in­flam­ma­tion-trig­ger­ing ef­fects are par­tic­u­larly harm­ful. Stress in­creases your body’s pro­duc­tion of cor­ti­sol, a hor­mone that can pre­dis­pose your body to de­vel­op­ing in­creased in­flam­ma­tion. One study dis­cov­ered that ex­po­sure to chronic stress changes the ac­tiv­ity of im­mune cells — mak­ing them more likely to at­tack the body’s own tis­sue and trig­ger an au­toim­mune re­sponse. Im­prov­ing your breath­ing, mak­ing time to re­lax each day, or med­i­tat­ing can all help to re­duce your risk of de­vel­op­ing chronic in­flam­ma­tion.

Breath­ing well:

Learn how to breathe in a healthy way. The Buteyko In­sti­tute of Breath­ing & Health is a good place to start.

See www.buteyko­breath­ and use their Find a BIBH Prac­ti­tioner tool.

En­joy a mas­sage:

Re­search sug­gests that a 45-minute mas­sage can lower your lev­els of proin­flam­ma­tory cy­tokines.

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