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Stress in­creases cor­ti­sol, which puts the brakes on your im­mu­nity, leav­ing your body open to all kinds of in­fec­tion. The an­ti­dote? Find a low-tech ac­tiv­ity that calms you, then find a way to squeeze it into your sched­ule every day of the week.

» Jig­saws are great, as the hand-eye combo re­ally en­gages the brain, keep­ing you in the mo­ment. Search­ing for that cru­cial piece of sky/sea/ build­ing lets you for­get about ev­ery­thing else for a while.

» Jour­nalling en­cour­ages us to switch off too. Get­ting our thoughts down on pa­per is cathar­tic, and helps us or­gan­ise our minds and see things more clearly. Let It Out: A Jour­ney Through Jour­nalling by Katie Dale­bout is a great guide for get­ting started.

» Knit­ting can be a su­per soother equal to med­i­ta­tion, thanks to those rhyth­mic move­ments. “A messy head can be lib­er­ated by the rit­ual of knit­ting mind­fully,” says Rachael Matthews, au­thor of The Mind­ful­ness in Knit­ting.»

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