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Due for a detox? Try birch

No won­der the Finns like to drink birch tea while they sauna — the flavonoids in birch leaves ac­ti­vate the kidneys to en­cour­age the elim­i­na­tion pro­cesses.


If you’re feeling a bit puffy, flabby and en­ergy-poor, birch could help bring back vi­tal­ity. Try mak­ing birch tea (1 tsp to a mug of water) or drink­ing birch juice in water two to three times a day for three to six weeks to gen­tly cleanse your sys­tem.

Hot flushes? Try calm­ing sage

It has to be the herb of choice for those pesky menopause symp­toms that wear you out. Clin­i­cal tri­als have shown that sage, along with liquorice root and anise, all de­crease the fre­quency of and sever­ity of hot flushes, while camomile and rose help with the stress and in­som­nia side of things.

Try these calm­ing bev­er­ages: » Sage tea is easy to make as a DIY menopause tea. Just use 1 tsp dried sage in a small teapot, pour on boil­ing water and leave for 3-4 min­utes to brew. Sim­ple and tastes good.

» Add 5ml sage tinc­ture to water or camomile tea and take three times a day. Even eas­ier!

Need more clout? make a herbal tea or tinc­ture

Mix equal parts of dried sage, green tea, rose petals and red clover then brew as above. Or mix equal parts of tinc­tures of sage, liquorice, red clover, cleavers and rose then drink three times a day.

PMS twinges? Then go for cramp bark

Aptly named cramp bark is used in mus­cle-re­lax­ing reme­dies. Com­bine equal amounts of cramp bark, rasp­berry leaf and wild yam tinc­tures and take 2-5ml in a lit­tle water three times daily.

» Mas­sage of­ten helps too. Try adding a few drops of clary sage and jas­mine es­sen­tial oils to a lit­tle base oil and mas­sage over your tum.

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