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If you find yourself strug­gling to com­plete tasks or get trac­tion with your goals due to the lure of so­cial me­dia, these apps might help you re­claim your willpower:


Mo­ment tells you how much time you’re spend­ing on so­cial me­dia and al­lows you to set lim­its on your daily us­age. (Free; iPhone only.)


– Break Phone Ad­dic­tion al­lows you to set goals re­gard­ing so­cial me­dia us­age and re­wards you with achieve­ment badges when you meet your tar­gets. (Free; iPhone and An­droid.) »Ap­pDe­tox

sched­ules and lim­its your so­cial me­dia use, and forces you to go walk­ing to gain ex­tra screen time. (Free, An­droid only.)


the Grid blocks your phone for a pe­riod of time set by you, and charges your credit card a small fee every time you over­ride it to gain en­try to your phone. (Free; An­droid only.) »Anti-So­cial com­pares your phone us­age to other peo­ple of your age and gen­der, so you know whether your us­age is un­com­monly ex­ces­sive, then lets you set lim­its ac­cord­ingly. ($1.49; iPhone and An­droid.)

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