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On morn­ing mad­ness

My top life hack? Make the kids’ lunch­boxes the night be­fore. If for

what­ever rea­son I don’t man­age this it’s a night­mare in the morn­ing be­fore school. I like to clean out the lunch­boxes as soon as they come home from school too – I have no idea what

hap­pens to them in that time­frame but they are al­ways so funky – it’s not

for the faint-hearted!

On un­flat­ter­ing

cam­era an­gles

We had a set change re­cently and one of the cam­eras must have been ar­ranged by some­one think­ing solely

of the map and not the pre­sen­ter. It was like when you open the cam­era on your phone and it’s on selfie mode and you look like you’ve got 12 chins!

After you’ve been on telly a while you ac­tu­ally for­get that you are be­ing seen by a whole lot of peo­ple. You think you’re just with your col­leagues in the stu­dio, and then it’s like, ‘That’s right, this is pub­lic!’

On mo­ti­va­tion to ex­er­cise

I’m not a sporty per­son, but grow­ing up I did danc­ing and at high school I was a rower. I think that nat­u­rally I’m a bit ‘slug-like’, I have to kick my­self in the butt and tell my­self to move it!

On trolls

Ki­wis are very pas­sion­ate about the weather, and they don’t hold back when it comes to say­ing what they think of you. I get that, and you do grow a thick skin to a cer­tain ex­tent. But some peo­ple have an axe to grind and they don’t let up.

On com­par­i­son

You know not to com­pare your­self to oth­ers but it’s so dif­fi­cult not to. I find my­self think­ing, ‘Why does she have it so to­gether while I’m walk­ing out of the house try­ing to re­mem­ber if I brushed my hair or not?!’ I can’t imag­ine what it’s like to be a teenager now with the added pres­sure of so­cial me­dia. I think as a so­ci­ety in gen­eral we need to start look­ing after each other more and be­ing a bit kin­der.

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