Is it true that fin­ger­nails are an in­di­ca­tor of nu­tri­tional lev­els?

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AYour nails can tell you a lot about your nu­tri­tional sta­tus. Brit­tle, weak and dry nails in­di­cate a pos­si­ble cal­cium or vi­ta­min A de­fi­ciency. White spots can be caused by a lack of iron or zinc, while cracked or break­ing nails can be caused by in­suf­fi­cient pro­tein or iron. Zinc and pro­tein de­fi­cien­cies can also cause white lines on the nails, and a lack of vi­ta­min B12 can cause the ends of nails to curve. Spoon-shaped nails can be caused by iron de­fi­ciency, while red­dish-brown spots can be put down to a lack of folic acid, vi­ta­min C or pro­tein.

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