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Tightrope walk­ing has been around for cen­turies, but it’s been given a mod­ern twist with slacklining.

“It stems from rock climb­ing in the

US. When climbers have a rest day they can use tubu­lar ny­lon web­bing, string it be­tween two trees and bal­ance their way across the web­bing to im­prove bal­ance and core sta­bil­ity,” says slacklining ex­pert Rod Brooks. Slacklining uses a line up to 10m long and about 50mm wide. The line is flat and fixed be­tween two trees with be­gin­ners set­ting the line about knee height.

“You lose your bal­ance a lot while learn­ing so have a spot­ter who stands be­side you and hold on to their fore­arm or fist as you move across,” he says. “Touch off and on as you try and hold your bal­ance but if you lose bal­ance, your spot­ter can stop you fall­ing.”

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