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Some stud­ies show that 15 min­utes of sweat­ing it out on a Ver­saClim­ber burns more kilo­joules than the same amount of time on a tread­mill or ex­er­cise bike. De­vel­oped in Cal­i­for­nia in the 80s, it’s only in the past cou­ples of years that the Ver­saClim­ber has be­come more widely used. The United States Marine Corps and NBA use VersaClimbing to main­tain strength and fit­ness.

It uses a ver­ti­cal climb­ing ma­chine, so you stand up­right, put your feet into the straps on the ped­als and grab the han­dles. You can ad­just the han­dle height, the stroke length and the amount of re­sis­tance. The greater the stroke length, the greater the range of mo­tion and the more mus­cles you use. Once in po­si­tion, you use the ped­als and han­dles to move as if you were climb­ing a wall or moun­tain. The ma­chine mea­sures how many me­tres you climb dur­ing a work­out.

It’s an ideal ex­er­cise to build core mus­cles, to in­crease lower back strength and tone the gluteal mus­cles in the bot­tom.

It’s low-im­pact, too, so it’s ideal if you’re un­able to do ex­er­cises that place pres­sure on your joints.

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