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We like fa­cial hair if it’s a rar­ity – but too many bearded blokes around and they’re less ap­peal­ing, say Aus­tralian re­searchers. Beards and stub­ble are typ­i­cally more at­trac­tive than a clean shaven face – un­less ev­ery­one has a beard, in which case the smooth man has the edge. Mean­while an­other new study has found that we ex­press a broader range of iden­ti­fi­able fa­cial ex­pres­sions than once thought - such as “hap­pily or sadly disgusted”, “sadly an­gry” or “fear­fully suprised”. Re­searchers from ohio State Univer­sity dig­i­tally coded the ex­pres­sions of 230 people and iden­ti­fied 21 looks us­ing a unique com­bi­na­tion of mus­cles. Source: NZSMC/Bi­ol­ogy letters, PNaS

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