Safer shower, safer home

Damp bath­rooms pose a risk to healthy homes, but there’s an easy so­lu­tion to the com­mon prob­lem.


In many ways, our bath­rooms make us feel health­ier and more re­freshed – there’s noth­ing quite like that spick-and-span feel­ing af­ter a long and steam­ing shower. But are our bath­rooms ac­tu­ally in­ad­ver­tently putting us at risk of con­tract­ing some se­ri­ous health con­di­tions? Damp, moist bath­rooms are breed­ing grounds for mould, mildew, mites and other harm­ful mi­crobes that can be detri­men­tal to our health. Be­sides smelling funky and look­ing un­pleas­ant, the New Zealand Min­istry of Health iden­ti­fies mould as one of the most com­mon causes of al­ler­gies amongst Ki­wis. It can also cause con­di­tions in­clud­ing eczema and res­pi­ra­tory dis­com­fort.

Get­ting steam savvy

One of the main sources of house hu­mid­ity is the shower, which can make the bath­room and ad­ja­cent rooms damp and moist. The key to min­imis­ing this mois­ture is by pre­vent­ing shower steam oc­cur­ring al­to­gether. Ac­cord­ing to the En­ergy Ef­fi­ciency and Con­ser­va­tion Author­ity (EECA), the av­er­age shower re­leases 1.5 litres of mois­ture into the air, and in a home of four peo­ple, this rep­re­sents 6 litres be­ing re­leased into the air daily. Some­thing as sim­ple a putting a lid on your shower can help avoid such damp­ness, and also fix other po­ten­tial home is­sues, such as steamed mir­rors and glass, wet walls and ceil­ings, and slip­pery floors, a main cause of ac­ci­dents in the home.

How Show­er­dome works

Show­er­dome is a clear acrylic dome that sim­ply at­taches to your shower cu­bi­cle top to pre­vent steam form­ing in the bath­room. Steam oc­curs when warm air mixes with cold air. A Show­er­dome acts as a bar­rier be­tween those two air masses, pre­vent­ing steam form­ing, and in turn re­duc­ing the amount and like­li­hood of con­den­sa­tion and its as­so­ci­ated neg­a­tive ef­fects. Now say hello to a warmer, drier and health­ier home.

Cut your en­ergy costs too Show­er­domes can also ren­der mir­ror demis­ters and ex­trac­tor fans re­dun­dant, con­tribut­ing to en­ergy sav­ings of around $ 250 per year in en­ergy costs alone. $ 308 plus in­stal­la­tion of around $ 135. For more in­for­ma­tion and a...

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