Words of wis­dom

Good - - WELLBEING - by Rosamund Dean

Moder­a­tion is harder than ab­sti­nence be­cause it re­quires con­stant aware­ness.

It also pro­vides many op­por­tu­ni­ties to back­slide, since drink­ing dis­ables your off switch.

Al­co­hol-free days are im­por­tant for mod­er­at­ing your drink­ing.

Anx­i­ety plays a huge role in over-drink­ing. Be aware of it to iden­tify trig­gers and pit­falls.

Chang­ing your drink­ing iden­tity is go­ing to re­quire a rein­ven­tion.

Drink­ing is so­cially in­grained in ev­ery­thing from cel­e­bra­tion to stress relief, so re­mem­ber it’s not your fault.

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