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The best part of what I do is to see im­prove­ments in those who have the courage to try some­thing dif­fer­ent.

My client files are full of tes­ti­monies of those who have im­proved. Just re­cently, a client I have been help­ing for four months called for her monthly check in. When I first spoke with her she had a very sore hip and var­i­ous mus­cle aches and pains.

We made some changes to her diet and put her on a num­ber of anti-in­flam­ma­tory and joint sup­port­ing sup­ple­ments. As a re­sult, her hip has im­proved to the point she can walk freely again. Ad­di­tion­ally she has much more energy and the vi­ta­min D we added has helped a great deal with moods and gen­eral mo­ti­va­tion.

The body is quite mirac­u­lous. If you feed it the nu­tri­ents it re­ally needs, dor­mant heal­ing pro­cesses can then help re­store body sys­tems back to­wards nor­mal.

This is es­pe­cially true for joints af­fected by os­teoarthri­tis. In March I started help­ing a man in his 70s with painful arthri­tis in his knee, feet and hands es­pe­cially his thumbs. Worst of all was the joint where the thumb at­taches to the wrist. This joint is highly sus­cep­ti­ble to arthri­tis and it can be very dis­abling.

When I spoke to him in June his feet and knees were much im­proved. He could now use stairs with ease. His hands and thumb have im­proved sig­nif­i­cantly and are still im­prov­ing.

While we made some di­etary changes the main ben­e­fits came from in­creas­ing his Omega 3 fish oil to 6000mg daily and adding a dou­ble dose of my joint for­mula. This meant he ini­tially was tak­ing 1500mg of glu­cosamine, 1500mg of high grade chon­droitin and 200mg of my pro­pri­etary 95 per cent cur­cumin (turmeric) ex­tract.

I spoke to a client to­day who had been af­fected by os­teoarthri­tis in his hips and shoul­ders. We cre­ated a per­son­alised joint health pro­gramme that in­cluded sup­ple­ments that can help pro­mote heal­ing in arthritic joints. Af­ter speak­ing with him to­day he said that he is mostly symp­tom free.

The real hero how­ever is not so much the di­etary changes and sup­ple­ments but his body’s own heal­ing pro­cesses. All dis­ease starts with changes to cell func­tions. If this is left unchecked it can lead to tis­sue dam­age and even­tu­ally to dis­ease.

Our bod­ies have in­cred­i­ble heal­ing prop­er­ties that can be­come over­whelmed by a dis­ease process. While phys­i­cal dam­age to joints can cause arthri­tis it is im­por­tant to see it as a real dis­ease and not just wear and tear.

Joint car­ti­lage ap­pears as tough life­less tis­sue. A closer look re­veals some­thing quite dif­fer­ent. Car­ti­lage ma­trix is se­creted by spe­cialised liv­ing cells called chon­dro­cytes. These cells main­tain small pieces of car­ti­lage. Any­thing that neg­a­tively af­fects chon­dro­cytes will even­tu­ally dam­age car­ti­lage. Loose enough car­ti­lage and you have os­teoarthri­tis.

Chon­dro­cytes can be­come dam­aged by sev­eral pro­cesses. Firstly free rad­i­cals can dam­age them to the point that they can­not func­tion prop­erly. If left unchecked by an­tiox­i­dants the chon­dro­cytes will die and the piece of car­ti­lage it main­tained will even­tu­ally be lost. Se­condly, cor­ro­sive en­zymes called ma­trix met­al­lo­pro­teinases (MMPs) at­tack the col­la­gen ma­trix of car­ti­lage and thirdly un­wanted in­flam­ma­tion can dam­age chon­dro­cytes.

What we need to do is to pro­tect chon­dro­cytes, re­duce in­flam­ma­tion, re­duce free rad­i­cal ac­tiv­ity and re­duce MMP ac­tiv­ity. What this does is to al­low our nat­u­ral car­ti­lage heal­ing pro­cesses to spring to life. The re­sult is less pain and im­proved mo­bil­ity.

The an­swer is an anti-in­flam­ma­tory and an­tiox­i­dant dense diet. We then add an­ti­in­flam­ma­tory sup­ple­ments that can help re­store joint heal­ing pro­cesses. Feel free to con­tact me for fur­ther in­for­ma­tion.

■ John Arts (B Soc Sci, Dip Tch, Adv Dip Nut Med) is a nu­tri­tional medicine prac­ti­tioner and founder of Abun­dant Health Ltd. For per­son­alised ad­vice, con­tact John on 0800 423559 or email john@abun­ Join his full weekly news­let­ter at www.abun­

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The hands of a rheuma­toid arthri­tis suf­ferer. The left hand has been op­er­ated on.

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