Na­tures way to feed ba­bies


Tak­ing part in the Waihi La leche League-hosted Big Latch On on Fri­day was a way for one Waihi Beach mum to give back to the group.

Lisa Green, who at­tended the Big Latch On with son El­liot who is 22-months-old, said breast feed­ing was so im­por­tant and she wished the league had been around 14 years ago when she was a teenage mum.

‘‘Even though my el­dest son was breast­fed un­til he was al­most 4 years old it was scary be­ing only 18 years old. It is great this time round to have so much sup­port,’’ she said.

Waihi La leche League cov­ers from Paeroa to Katikati and holds reg­u­lar days where mums and ba­bies can get sup­port from like-minded peo­ple.

Green’s first son came down with mumps when he was 15 months old and she be­lieves breast­feed­ing saved his life.

‘‘He was so sick and it was all he wanted, plus he had lots of me time and what else does a sick baby need but his mum,’’ she said.

Green is also a fierce ad­vo­cate of breast­feed­ing in pub­lic.

She said she did it when she needed to and re­fused to cover her ‘‘ac­tions’’ with a blan­ket.

‘‘El­liot would get quite scared, I think, if I cov­ered him over to feed. He is such a good boy it would make the whole ex­pe­ri­ence a trial,’’ she said.

‘‘Breast­feed­ing needs to be nor­malised. Most moth­ers don’t make a big show of feed­ing when in pub­lic, or any where else for that mat­ter, it is a very nat­u­ral thing to do,’’ she said.

In New Zealand breast­feed­ing dis­crim­i­na­tion is not le­gal.

Be­ing treated un­fairly be­cause you are breast­feed­ing or ex­press­ing breast milk is a form of sex dis­crim­i­na­tion un­der the Hu­man Rights Act.

The Hu­man Rights Act says it is il­le­gal for some­one to stop you breast­feed­ing at work, where you are study­ing, on pub­lic trans­port, in gov­ern- ment de­part­ments, in pub­lic places and in restau­rants and shops.

The Hu­man Rights Act lists all the ar­eas of pub­lic life where your right to breast­feed and ex­press milk is pro­tected.

The Big Latch On kicked off the start of the 2017 World Breast­feed­ing Week cel­e­bra­tions. New Zealand mums and ba­bies were joined by over 40,000 women and chil­dren world­wide tak­ing part in the an­nual Big Latch On.

Lisa Green with her son 22-month-old El­liot.

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