Road noise com­plaint dis­missed


Complaints to NZTA from Tairua res­i­dents and busi­nesses about a noisy road sur­face have so far fallen on deaf ears.

The new road sur­face was laid on Main Rd in the Coro­man­del Penin­sula town in De­cem­ber last year.

In Jan­uary, many res­i­dents liv­ing on the road com­plained to the New Zealand Trans­port Agency about the in­crease in road noise.

De­spite ini­tially say­ing they would resur­face the road this month, NZTA has now de­cided against it.

Res­i­dent and Har­bour View Bed & Break­fast owner Chris Wat­ton said con­cerned res­i­dents first met with NZTA rep­re­sen­ta­tives in June.

‘‘They agreed that it did need to be re­sealed and they would get it done in October,’’ he said.

‘‘It’s still on­go­ing, we thought we’d have it all sorted by now but they’re de­ter­mined to prove that they don’t need to do the work prop­erly.’’

About 40 res­i­dents met again with the NZTA dur­ing a heated pub­lic meet­ing in Tairua on October 17.

Wat­ton said NZTA told the group their road noise test­ing showed the noise of cars trav­el­ling at 50km/h at road level was 95 deci­bels.

NZTA told the crowd that they ex­pected noise levels to be re­duced by half in­side homes.

How­ever, Wat­ton said noise levels recorded in­side his home were much higher.

‘‘The low­est vol­ume I’ve found in any of my bed­rooms is 65, and that’s with all the doors and win­dows shut. Out­side it’s 85 and in the front rooms it’s 75 all the time,’’ he said.

‘‘They’ve got a lot of ex­plain­ing to do [about] how come their indi­ca­tions said it should be 55 and in fact we’re 75.’’

Noise read­ings taken be­fore the new seal was laid showed there had been an av­er­age in­crease in road noise of about 20db with the new seal, he said.

The in­creased noise level had af­fected many tourism busi­nesses on the road and those on the hill above the road, in­clud­ing his busi­ness, he said.

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Tairua res­i­dent Chris Wat­ton.

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