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I re­ally en­joyed read­ing Benny Ben­netts’ let­ter (October 13).

It was pas­sion­ate and used ex­cit­ing, colour­ful lan­guage with sci­en­tists ap­par­ently spread­ing ‘‘ver­bal ma­nure’’ and con­tained an in­trigu­ing ref­er­ence to Joseph Goebbels.

It was quite fun to read that I ‘‘shovel’’ facts that have ‘‘an odi­ous waft’’.

I agree with Mr Ben­netts that a melt­ing ice­berg hardly changes wa­ter level.

I did not fol­low his ex­trap­o­la­tion that there­fore if all the ice in the world melted, sea levels would re­main near present levels – that would re­quire all the ice in the world to be in the form of ice­bergs.

Then I re­alised what the tiny, tiny flaw in his rea­son­ing was - he must think that Antarc­tica is an ice­berg.

I re­quest that he pro­duce ev­i­dence that it is not a con­ti­nent, with a lot of land above sea level, and that the land is cov­ered with lots and lots of ice which, if it melted, would run into the sea and raise sea levels.

Mr Ben­netts also as­serts that the ‘‘global warm­ing scam’’ is ‘‘now de­bunked’’. I was un­aware that global warm­ing had been de­bunked.

Please could Mr Ben­netts pro­vide ev­i­dence for this de­bunk­ing? I, for one, will be very re­lieved.

I have en­joyed cor­re­spond­ing with Mr Brick­ell, who makes ‘‘no apol­ogy for deal­ing in facts’’, and I re­peat my re­quest for him to pro­vide ev­i­dence to sup­port his as­ser­tions re­lated to cli­mate and sea level.

I won­der what Messrs Ben­netts and Brick­ell felt about your October 13 front page ar­ti­cle on low-ly­ing towns be­ing at risk from ris­ing seas.

If they are plan­ning to com­ment, please can they sup­port what they say with facts and ev­i­dence, and not rely on wild as­ser­tions and vi­tu­per­a­tive lan­guage?

David Haynes Ha­hei

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