The weighty is­sue of re­search

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WHEN I see sto­ries and re­ports which start with the words “re­cent re­search shows...” I sort of give it an each-way tick. There has been a lot of “re­cent re­search” through the years and a lot of pre­dic­tive re­ports as a re­sult.

Some re­ports reach some form of re­al­is­tic con­clu­sion while oth­ers sort of dissolve.

I guess it could be said that “re­cent re­search” has shown that some re­ports and find­ings come true and some do not.

But, at the end of the day, they need to be ex­am­ined — es­pe­cially when there is clearly more than just a shred of re­cent ev­i­dence to sug­gest they may in­deed be hap­pen­ing.

Like the “re­cent re­search” that pre­dicted that by 2038 about two million Ki­wis are likely to be obese or on the very cusp of be­com­ing what is clin­i­cally de­ter­mined as obese. Over­weight, ba­si­cally. But more than that, in health terms it can be se­ri­ously over­weight.

The fuse is well lit by the sound of things, given that it is es­ti­mated more than 40 per cent of schools sell sug­ary drinks and more than 90 per cent use what is deemed by the di­eti­cians to be “un­healthy” food dur­ing things like fundrais­ing.

Oh, and there are, on av­er­age, eight TV ads ev­ery hour for fried fast food.

I have no is­sue with kids hav­ing the oc­ca­sional nu­tri­on­ally naughty snack as a treat, but it should only be spar­ingly.

In this age, fast food has erupted big time, so this is not a med­i­cal is­sue . . . it is a hu­man is­sue.

It quite sim­ply comes down to what an in­di­vid­ual chooses to con­sume and whether or not they choose to pur­sue some form of ex­er­cise to ef­fec­tively burn-off the oc­ca­sional “ex­tras”.

About five years ago I trimmed my­self from 90kg to 79kg and have re­mained there since.

Just the usual stuff . . . less sugar, not too much snack­ing be­tween meals and en­sur­ing those meals com­prised good stuff.

The oc­ca­sional ice cream and ales emerge but I then take walks to can­cel them out.

Tough to be­gin with, but now it is just se­cond na­ture.

I would be thrilled to see a new report stat­ing “re­cent re­search” has shown that more peo­ple are watch­ing their di­ets and ex­er­cis­ing more so that “re­cent re­ports” into the rise of obe­sity can be starved.­roney@hbto­

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