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Wheatgrass ( Triticum aes­tivum) is sim­ply baby wheatgrass that‘s har­vested when it has peak nu­tri­tional value. It‘s packed with chloro­phyll, vi­ta­mins and min­er­als, and con­tains all nine es­sen­tial amino acids. Some research sug­gests the chloro­phyll in wheatgrass helps fight off can­cer-caus­ing com­pounds. Other research in­di­cates it can re­duce choles­terol and pos­si­bly lessen the ef­fects of plaque build-up in the ar­ter­ies. It‘s also said to increase haemoglobin (red blood cells) and re­lieve blood sugar dis­or­ders such as di­a­betes.

In any case, wheatgrass is usu­ally juiced, which is al­most like re­ceiv­ing an in­tra­venous in­fu­sion of vi­ta­mins, min­er­als and enzymes be­cause they go straight into your sys­tem with­out need­ing to be bro­ken down.

Wheatgrass can eas­ily be grown in­doors. Sow seeds thickly in seed trays, lightly cover with soil or mix and keep well wa­tered. Har­vest at days 10-15 when the shoots are 20cm-25cm high. Dis­card the root mass. Put the shoots in a food pro­ces­sor or blender and re­duce to a liq­uid mass. Drink 5ml-10ml per day, washed down with 2 glasses of water. Seeds are avail­able from Kings Seeds.

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