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Chamomile ( Ma­tri­caria re­cu­tita) is ex­cel­lent for calm­ing the nerves. It’s also good for nau­sea brought on by anx­i­ety or stress. • Make a tea by in­fus­ing 3g of whole dried flower heads three to four times daily.

Other calm­ing herbs in­clude lemon balm ( Melissa of­fic­i­nalis) and laven­der ( La­van­dula an­gus­ti­fo­lia). Com­bine or use in­di­vid­u­ally. • Use 1-2 tea­spoons of fresh lemon balm leaves, and drink up to 3 times a day. • For laven­der, in­fuse ½ tea­spoon of dried flow­ers and drink up to three times a day. Save the third cup to drink just be­fore go­ing to bed.

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