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Keep a chamomile tinc­ture on hand for any child­hood ail­ments, in­clud­ing colic and di­ges­tive is­sues, or adult stress. To make your own, place dried or fresh chamomile flow­ers in a clean glass jar (choose a jar that has a plas­tic, not me­tal, lid). Cover with high-proof vodka. Seal the jar with a tight-fit­ting lid and place in a brightly lit spot (not di­rect sun­light) and let the herbs soak for eight weeks. Turn and gen­tly shake the jar once a day. Strain the herbs from the liq­uid and pour into a clean, dark-coloured jar. Store in a cool, dark place.

Dosage de­pends on body weight and age. For chil­dren un­der two, a home­o­pathic chamomile so­lu­tion is ideal. Be­tween two and five years, use three to four drops of tinc­ture di­luted in boil­ing water to elim­i­nate the al­co­hol. For chil­dren aged be­tween five and 10, use six to 10 drops in a small amount of warm water, tea or juice, de­pend­ing on weight. For 10- to 13-year-olds, again de­pend­ing on body weight, use 12 to 14 drops. For the el­derly, use 12 to 14 drops too. For all other adults use 20 to 30 drops, again de­pend­ing on weight. Take your tinc­ture about 30 min­utes be­fore bed­time if it is re­quired for sleep; take three times daily for re­lax­ation.

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