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WWhy the Glad Wrap? Both the orig­i­nal video and the Auck­land par­ody fea­ture semi-naked boys and girls be­ing swad­dled in cling­film. No-one re­ally knows why, but Bet­ter Liv­ing, every­body! hile ‘De­fined Lines’ – the Auck­land Law Re­vue take on Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ video made head­lines here and around the world, it was by no means the first time the clip had been re­made and rep­re­sented just the lat­est lo­cal con­tri­bu­tion to an en­tire online genre. On the off chance it’s still a topic of con­ver­sa­tion by the time we go to print, here, dear reader, is ev­ery­thing you need to know about Blurred Lines par­ody videos. So who’s Robin Thicke when he’s at home? The Cana­dian-Amer­i­can Artist For­merly Known As Thicke (he added his first name a while back) has been writ­ing and singing since around 2000, col­lab­o­rat­ing with (among oth­ers) Will Smith, Phar­rell, Nicki Mi­naj, Usher, Mary J Blige and Kid Goat. Wait, wasn’t he what Mi­ley Cyrus was rub­bing her­self against on TV? Bingo! Well, that and the gi­ant foam fin­ger. Robin’s duet with Mi­ley at the MTV Video Mu­sic Awards was the most tweeted about event in his­tory, with the net­work strain­ing un­der the load of 360,000 OMFGs per minute. In your face, Arab Spring! What was the big deal about the orig­i­nal video? Well, it de­pends on who you lis­ten to. Thicke claims his rather ex­plicit ex­er­cise in bare­ly­chore­ographed breast-jig­gling was an ironic com­men­tary on the ob­jec­ti­fi­ca­tion of women in mu­sic videos. His crit­ics claim the video was a prime ex­am­ple of ex­actly that. The ‘you know you want it’ lyrics didn’t win friends ev­ery­where, ei­ther. Just like its Auck­land par­ody, ‘Blurred Lines’ was ini­tially re­moved from YouTube be­cause of its ex­plicit con­tent, but later re­in­stated. Were the Auck­land Law School women the first to make a par­ody? Not by a long shot! Of the dozens of Blurred Lines par­ody videos online, con­nois­seurs mostly rec­om­mend the ‘boy­lesque’ ver­sion by Mod Carousel as the most worth watch­ing (at about four mil­lion views it’s cur­rently twice as pop­u­lar as the Auck­land ver­sion, al­though du­pli­cate post­ings make this hard to mea­sure ac­cu­rately). Dog lovers will want to search ‘Furred Lines’ on YouTube. Awww, pup­pies! So how do the par­o­dies stack up against the orig­i­nal? Well, who are we to make artis­tic judg­ments? Suf­fice to say the orig­i­nal Blurred Lines video has had north of 170 mil­lion views, with even the most pop­u­lar par­ody barely top­ping eight mil­lion. Wait, I just watched the Blurred Lines video and there were no jig­gling breasts like you promised! I’m email­ing Vin­cent! Woah there, tiger! You just need to search ‘Blurred Lines (Un­rated Ver­sion)’. Happy now? Look! There’s even a foam fin­ger.

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