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New Zealand is go­ing to need more en­trepreneurs and the best thing you can do is to help fund them. Put your Ki­wisaver into a pro­gramme that in­vests in them. Crowd­fund them. Be­come an an­gel. If you have the cash, don’t buy that rental prop­erty, sink it into some smart lo­cal star­tups. I’m clearly talk­ing to the av­o­cado buy­ers here, but if you don’t know where to put your cash, call me.

A liv­ing wage

The big­gest bar­rier to start­ing-up is the re­al­ity that you need to pay for power and gro­ceries. If you’re a par­ent, then stuff just got ten times harder to go all in. A liv­ing wage for us all is in­evitable due to au­to­ma­tion, so we should re­place the cur­rent un­em­ploy­ment and in­valids ben­e­fits (and the stigma at­tached to them) with a liv­ing wage and ex­tend it to cover a 24 month small busi­ness starter wage.

Drop the tall poppy at­ti­tude once and for all

Ev­ery­one's a so­cial me­dia critic and in New Zealand it is cool to hate. It prob­a­bly has some­thing to do with our 1.5 de­grees of sep­a­ra­tion that makes us feel like we know ev­ery­one else's busi­ness. I don’t know when hat­ing on peo­ple do­ing hard stuff be­came a na­tional pas­time, but it’s time we grew up and called this shit out. Want to make that snarky re­mark on Twit­ter? How about you write your tar­get a DM in­stead say­ing you heard things were tough and ask­ing if they need a hand.

Cel­e­brate the ev­ery­day he­roes

We have so many hid­den away. Mostly they keep their head down for fear of it be­ing knocked off. The more we talk about peo­ple do­ing the hard stuff and mak­ing a dif­fer­ence the more role mod­els we cre­ate and the more we make it okay that it’s hard, and okay to screw up be­cause ev­ery­one does, the bet­ter. Ev­ery overnight suc­cess has a back­story of 100 screw ups and they should be the most fun and in­sight­ful parts of the sto­ries to tell.

Start a lo­cal chap­ter of En­trepreneurs Anony­mous

I started this idea a few years back and it’s re­ally sim­ple. Flush out another en­tre­pre­neur on a sim­i­lar jour­ney to you and then … talk to them. Share what is re­ally hard at the mo­ment, and be there to lis­ten to them and their epic sto­ries of woe. Tell ev­ery en­tre­pre­neur you know to do the same. But here’s the thing: keep it pri­vate. No mee­tups. No logo. Just be the sup­port some­one else needs as they em­bark on this crazy awe­some jour­ney of en­trepreneur­ship.

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