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Pri­vacy is some­thing only 1% of us has

Ev­ery­thing is free, cus­tomised to our pref­er­ences and we all end up be­ing the prod­uct in a con­sumer ma­chine. You will pay ex­tra to be anony­mous and to have truly de­light­ful hap­pen­stance ex­pe­ri­ences that don’t in­volve global tech com­pa­nies track­ing your lo­ca­tion and sell­ing it.

The as­sets will be owned by the few; there st of us are just ten­ants

You won’t own your car, house, bike or de­vices. You’ll just sub­scribe. All the as­sets will be­long to the wealthy who end up with the con­trol.

Al­ways-on means the bul­lies are too

I got bul­lied when I was a kid, but I got to go home and ditch them. Bul­ly­ing was lim­ited to pock­ets of ge­og­ra­phy where the jerks hung out. To­day the jerks come home in our kids’ pock­ets and are there 24/7.

It’ s bet­ter than us

I am not that smart al­ready and tech­nol­ogy will soon be smarter. I have av­er­age re­flexes, but robots will be fast and pre­cise. What will be left for us to do and how will we feel about be­ing so, well, in­fe­rior?

There will be a new gen­er­a­tion of Lud­dites

Some will not take kindly to tech­nol­ogy be­ing bet­ter than them and they will try to stop ad­vance­ment or break apart tech­nol­ogy com­pa­nies. They will most likely be the lawyers (and law­mak­ers) who dis­cover their jobs will be among the first to go.

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