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For Chen­tur Tham­biah, co-founder of ARX– Augmented Re­al­ity Ex­er­cise, the move to GridAKL has meant in­valu­able in­tro­duc­tions.

“Our main ben­e­fit has sim­ply been con­nec­tions through net­work­ing,” he says. “Grants, spon­sor­ships and guid­ance in this area that we wouldn't have known about other­wise have been es­sen­tial.”

ARX was cre­ated nine months ago and spent its early days in the AR/VRGar age. It was the Garage that led them to GridAKL dur­ing the World Mas­ters Games.

Tham­biah says t he ser­vices pro­vided by GridAKL and BizDojo al­lowed the busi­ness to be fast tracked, and let the founders learn from the ex­pe­ri­ences of other star­tups and men­tors.

“Over­all it just made our ride much smoother, sav­ing time and money .”

And would he rec­om­mend it for other start ups? “Def­i­nitely.”

Sim­ply be­ing around other star­tups who are in sim­i­lar stages or even well ahead of you is a great way to learn, he says, and it also pro­vides op­por­tu­ni­ties for col­lab­o­ra­tion.

“We feel in this game it is im­por­tant to fail fast and fail for­ward. This space al­lows and en­cour­ages that.”

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