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Jonathan Rice, co-founder of re­cruit­ment com­pany Rice Con­sult­ing, started his co- work­ing jour­ney as a one-man band, claim­ing his spot in the Gen­er­a­tor build­ing ahead of its 2011 launch.

Rice had just moved to an in­ner-city of­fice and was find­ing it“too dull, life less and pro­saic there” when he was told about Gen­er­a­tor. The mix of work, net­work­ing, col­lab­o­rat­ing, sup­port and fun is per­fectly bal­anced, and has be­come an in­te­gral part of the cul­ture and per­son­al­ity of his busi­ness, he says.

“I like to work hard but am also quite so­cia­ble and you re­ally get the best of both worlds here .”

The en­vi­ron­ment has meant Rice has at­tracted and re­tained top tal­ent to his firm, grow­ing his team to six, and he say she has also ben­e­fit ted from in­tro­duc­tions to other like­minded busi­nesses who have be­come clients or sup­pli­ers – or both.

“It’ s more of a lifestyle than a work­place and we’ve even made plenty of use of t heir valet park­ing ser­vices, dry clean­ing ser­vices and of course the Fri­day bar ser­vice de­liv­ered right to our desks.”

He says be­ing in an en­er­gised and en­tre­pre­neur­ial en­vi­ron­ment is a huge boost as an en­tre­pre­neur and has al­lowed him to de­velop a sec­ondary busi­ness and “go against t he grain”.

“It’s rare to suf­fer any nag­ging doubts when sur­rounded by so many other suc­cess­ful busi­ness peo­ple who I can ask ad­vice from or bounce ideas around with .”

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