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On keep­ing lit­tle ones en­ter­tained on rainy days ‘‘a card­board box can be­come so many fun things: a car, plane, train, ro­bot, park­ing garage, dolls house – any­thing.’’ – John ‘‘Get all the sheets out and build a hut un­der the din­ing ta­ble.’’ – Kelly ‘‘Bak­ing, or if you don’t fancy bak­ing then get some plain bis­cuits and make up some ic­ing and dec­o­rate them’’ – Beth ‘‘I rec­om­mend a toy tidy up on rainy days . . . The kids will be en­ter­tained for ages while they re­dis­cover their ‘lost’ toys.’’ – Sasha ‘‘Back the cars out of the garage, take a stereo in there and it be­comes a kids art stu­dio. Large boxes or pa­per and lots of glit­ter glue, se­quins, mag­a­zine pic­tures, stick­ers.’’ – Natalie

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