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I have never gone this far be­fore to rant and rave but the time has come.

I live in Ay­ton Dr, Whitby, and we have had our fair share of in­ci­dents in the past 12 years, I can tell you.

The lat­est has to take the cake.

I have re­luc­tantly but re­li­giously mowed the coun­cil’s verge at the front of the house like count­less other home­own­ers for no thanks at all for 12 years and I came home tonight af­ter a long slog at the fur­nace to be con­fronted with what can be best de­scribed as an abor­tion on wheels.

Some halfwit has driven a truck or bus up onto the curb, gone right along the verge and down the neigh­bours’ ease­ment.

The same halfwit has to­tally de­stroyed the round­about in the mid­dle of the bus turn­around just across the road from me, but that is an­other story.

My verge now looks like the be­gin­nings of a new sub­di­vi­sion and I want some­one to blame for this and pronto.

I am pre­pared to put a re­ward up if need be.

I can­not fathom the mind­less stu­pid­ity of the mo­ron who would do such a thing but I guess this is what so­ci­ety has come to.

I dont see why the hell I should have to be re­spon­si­ble for the re­pair for this and you can imag­ine how slow the coun­cil would get to it, if ever.

Whitby is a beau­ti­ful sub­urb but ev­ery now and then some d...head has to go and stuff it up.

(Abridged) MARK SAN­DOE, Whitby

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