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Re­s­pi­ra­tory gat­ing The ma­chine can be set so it only treats dur­ing a cer­tain part of the re­s­pi­ra­tory cy­cle – usu­ally cut­ting out the last half of breath­ing in/ the first part of breath­ing out, said Dr John­son. ‘‘This means that we don’t have to add a gen­er­ous mar­gin to the tu­mour to ac­count for the move­ment of the tu­mour dur­ing res­pi­ra­tion, as we do cur­rently.’’ Flat­ten­ing fil­ter-free beam treat­ment The in­ten­sity of the beam is in­creased so the treat­ment time is sig­nif­i­cantly re­duced, nicer for pa­tients. RapidARC The ma­chine ro­tates around a pa­tient with the beam ad­just­ing so that the dose de­liv­ered is high or low, de­pend­ing on need.

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