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Gor­don Camp­bell’s Au­gust 2 ar­ti­cle ‘When it doesn’t hurt to be ig­nored’ con­tains a crass mis­rep­re­sen­ta­tion.

John Key is quoted as say­ing ‘‘If it is an act of global terrorism then I think what it shows is that no coun­try, large or small, is im­mune from that risk’’.

Had John said un­equiv­o­cally, ‘‘It is an act of . . .’’ then he would be fair game for crit­i­cism.

Yet Gor­don un­equiv­o­cally states that Nor­we­gian ter­ror­ist An­ders Breveik was a ‘‘far right Chris­tian fun­da­men­tal­ist’’, which is not borne out in his man­i­festo.

Breveik wrote, ‘‘It is there­fore es­sen­tial to un­der­stand the dif­fer­ence be­tween a ‘Chris­tian fun­da­men­tal­ist theoc­racy’ (ev­ery­thing we do not want) and a sec­u­lar Euro­pean so­ci­ety based on our Chris­tian cul­tural her­itage (what we do want).’’

Fur­ther on, Breveik ex­plains that a per­fect Europe will come about through ‘‘logic’’. He states, ‘‘logic’’ and ra­tio­nal­ist thought (a cer­tain de­gree of na­tional Dar­win­ism) should be the fun­da­ment of our so­ci­eties.’’

Wouldn’t it be an un­fair slur to claim he was a ‘‘far right Freema­son’’ since he was a mem­ber, who sees them as ‘‘fine rep­re­sen­ta­tives and cu­ra­tors (keep­ers of cul­tural her­itage)’’?

Even if used un­wit­tingly, the term ‘‘far right Chris­tian fun­da­men­tal­ist’’ is dis­crim­i­na­tory.

ANDREW McIN­TOSH, Whitby. use the parks clos­est and most con­ve­nient for them, too bad about the valid dis­abled users who may have needed those parks.

I watched as a cou­ple of able­bod­ied men packed up their car while a valid user of the dis­abled park waited and waited and waited.

I also watched as a rather large lady pulled up and used the dis­abled parks to go and pur­chase some chip­pies and chocolate. Shame on those peo­ple.

AN­GELA BRAY, Pau­ata­hanui.

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