Lit­tlie out to help oth­ers


At just five years old, Keira Bayliss thinks if peo­ple don’t have enough food to eat we should do some­thing about it – and she is in­spir­ing oth­ers to help too.

The Lin­den School pupil ar­rived at school one day up­set af­ter see­ing a story on the news about peo­ple who don’t have enough money to buy food this Christ­mas.

She sought out the new en­trants teacher Kelly Scott to talk about it, and they came up with a plan to start Keira’s Char­ity Club.

Keira made posters ask­ing for do­na­tions of canned food, put a no­tice in the school news­let­ter, and made a pre­sen­ta­tion to her school assem­bly.

‘‘I heard that on the news – that some peo­ple don’t have any food and they might get starv­ing and feel sad, so that’s why I de­cided.

‘‘There’s a poster in ev­ery sin­gle class. Mum helped with the writ­ing and I drew a pic­ture,’’ Keira says.

So far Keira has re­cruited her friends and class­mates, teach­ers and even a doc­tor to join her cause, and sup­port­ers have do­nated a wash­ing bas­ket full of cans of food.

‘‘ We want spaghetti, heaps of cans and boxes, and ce­real that they can eat in the morn­ing – food that can last a very long, long long time,’’ she says.

The food will be do­nated to the Sal­va­tion Army for the com­mu­nity food bank.

Keira plans to keep the project go­ing next year, and while she would quite like a club house, she is also plan­ning how the club can raise aware­ness of the environment.

‘‘I think that this young lady’s go­ing to end up win­ning a No­bel Prize.

‘‘She thinks about other peo­ple and comes to school with lots of ideas,’’ Miss Scott says.

‘‘Keira’s the sort of per­son who will go to the river and then she be­comes con­cerned about pol­lu­tion, and then she wants to learn all about it and what to do.’’

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