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Re­gard­ing the pro­posed youth cen­tre – for­get the con­sul­tants.

Our youth is very ca­pa­ble. Don’t al­ways namby-pamby them. Find a suit­ably lo­cated build­ing, or fail­ing that, a piece of land, pro­vide a bud­get and let them get on with it.

The in­ter­net and coun­cil build­ing reg­u­la­tions is all they need to know. This way they can make it as they want and learn much in the process: how to re­search, plan and run a project, stay within bud­get, un­der­stand and fol­low build­ing reg­u­la­tions, how to call in ad­vice/help when needed.

In the end they will have life skills and a venue to be proud of. It will also be a test on how com­mit­ted they are to hav­ing this venue.

RITA HUNT, Cam­borne.

So it is with as­sets, you sold it – it is not yours. NZ Rail­way has been sold, run­down, we have to buy it back, costs mil­lions to fix. Who is the loser?

The les­son is: don’t sell your cow, some­body else will be milk­ing it!

T OSTAPOW­ICZ, Els­don. this type of sur­face re­quires.

Take a look. Two road sec­tions have just been re-sur­faced – in Ul­ric St (drive past num­ber 10) and Grays Rd (drive past Mo St). In both cases, the con­trac­tors have sim­ply sprayed and chipped over ex­ist­ing road de­fects. There is no way PCC staff would ac­cept their own drive­ways be­ing sur­faced with so lit­tle prepa­ra­tion, but it’s OK to waste ratepay­ers money like that.

If PCC are us­ing in­fe­rior road­ing ma­te­ri­als, and are not re­pair­ing and re­plac­ing them promptly, which we can see and feel, think what cor­ners they must be cut­ting with our water, stormwa­ter and sew­er­age, which we can’t see.

And if we con­sis­tently have the high­est rates, and the high­est an­nual per­cent­age in­creases in rates, yet the worst roads, where are ratepay­ers dol­lars go­ing? Over­seas vis­its? At­tend­ing con­fer­ences? Re­plac­ing new ve­hi­cles and ma­chin­ery more fre­quently than roads are resur­faced?

AN­DREW WELLUM, Cam­borne. back room sur­prise deals, sprung on those who days be­fore were seek­ing to ex­er­cise their votes thought­fully and in New Zealand’s best in­ter­ests.

KEN RAE, Cam­borne. run over by an un­li­censed cretin driv­ing a piece of junk that has no WOF, no reg­is­tra­tion and in all prob­a­bil­ity, bald tyres. Its time the govern­ment tough­ened up on this to the ex­tent that if the ve­hi­cle is not reg­is­tered, war­ranted or is de­fec­tive in some way as to be a dan­ger, it is towed im­me­di­ately and the owner given 14 days to pay the fines and rem­edy the is­sues other­wise the ve­hi­cle is crushed.’’

Moo: ‘‘Pay your ve­hi­cle li­cens­ing and keep your WOF up to date and all will be well. Don’t care who you are or how much you earn. The law is there for ev­ery­one.’’

Snif­fles: ‘‘Easy peasy – make sure your car is war­ranted and reg­is­tered and you wouldn’t even know what the war­dens are up to! And Porirua hap­pens to be NZ’S 4th wealth­i­est re­gion, not ev­ery­one from Porirua is ‘poor’. Read­ing some of these blogs, it seems many of you think ‘poor’ peo­ple should have a dif­fer­ent set of laws? Hope it’s not your fam­ily killed by a ‘poor’ per­son driv­ing a un­war­ranted faulty ve­hi­cle into them.’’

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