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Cel­luli­tis is a skin in­fec­tion, which can spread from a cut or a scratch into sur­round­ing soft tis­sue. It is a se­ri­ous con­di­tion that can lead to necro­tis­ing fasci­itis or sep­ti­caemia and am­pu­ta­tions, or in ex­treme cases, death. What to look for: Red­ness or swelling larger than a 10c piece, not nec­es­sar­ily right at the site of a wound. It can be caused by un­treated eczema or ath­lete’s foot. How to pre­vent it: Hand­wash­ing, treat eczema and ath­lete’s foot. Wash and cover cuts. What to do if you think you have it: See a doc­tor; you will need an­tibi­otics.

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