Teen vs alien turf war a real low-bud­get treat

At­tack The Block

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You know how it seems like there’s just the same old mas­sive bud­get, Michael Bay-di­rected, Cgi-choked crud on at the movies these days?

Well, get ready. The an­swer to your geeky dreams is com­ing to a theatre near you and its name is At­tack The Block.

To para­phrase one of the char­ac­ters, there is just too much mad­ness to fit into one re­view. But I’ll try, be­cause this first film from wri­ter­di­rec­tor Joe Cor­nish, co­me­dian and co- writer of Tin Tin, blasts what could be a some­what schlocky premise – aliens in­vade a coun­cil es­tate – to smithereens in such an en­joy­able way.

Don’t let


B- grade

Nasty space in­vaders meet more than their match when they crash into a South London coun­cil es­tate. sen­si­bil­i­ties fool you. Chock full of cut­ting so­cial com­ment and dry wit, At­tack The Block is a film about aliens like E.T. was a film about BMX.

When a mug­ging falls foul of a me­teor, gang leader Moses (John Boyega) and his merry band of teen mis­cre­ants in­ves­ti­gate only to find it’s a me­teor with one hell of a bite.

This ex­trater­res­trial isn’t in­ter­ested in phoning home. It’s eaten the phone and now it’s af­ter ev­ery­one it can get its gnarly glow- in- the- dark teeth into.

Can the teens rise to the chal­lenge of alien in­va­sion, evade the cops, out­run a lo­cal drug king­pin and keep their mums happy, while band­ing to­gether to de­fend their block from the venge­ful alien hoard? You know you want to find out!

The beauty of this film is how Cor­nish man­ages to turn this kooky sci-fi ac­tioner into a keen com­ment on the wasted po­ten­tial of ur­ban youth, white mid­dle- class priv­i­lege and ur­ban bru­tal­ity with­out once ram­ming it down your throat or los­ing sight of what’s re­ally im­por­tant – en­ter­tain­ment.

Lean and mean – the film is only 88 min­utes long – At­tack The Block packs in so much you will want to see it a few times just to get ev­ery arch ob­ser­va­tion on mod­ern Bri­tish life and learn ev­ery phrase and joke.

There is some ut­terly beau­ti­ful cinema too. The penul­ti­mate act is pos­si­bly one of the best look­ing things you’ll see on the big screen this year: thrilling and heart-rend­ing.

Take a bloody pound of scifi, smash in a thriller, an ur­ban drama and a hearty dash of teen ad­ven­ture and you’re get­ting close to the bril­liance of At­tack The Block.

Be­lieve, bruv!

Star­ring John Boyega, Jodie Whit­taker, Alex Es­mail, Leeon Jones, Luke Tread­away. Writ­ten and di­rected by Joe Cor­nish. 88 min­utes. Rat­ing TBC. Opens at cine­mas March 29. Re­viewed by KYLIE KLEINNIXON

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