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21 Jump Street

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If you’re any­thing like me you’ve prob­a­bly asked your­self a few times how Chan­ning Ta­tum has be­come one of the world’s big­gest cinema heart throbs.

Quite apart from the fact he has a face like a par­boiled new potato (his eyes are tiny), he has al­ways seemed wooden and stodgy in his heart throb­bish roles. And his movies are kind of lame. Two words: The Vow.

Well, the pur­pose of Chan­ning Ta­tum has been re­vealed to me fi­nally in the form of shock- com­edy 21 Jump Street.

Ap­par­ently, Ta­tum ex­ists to trick us into ex­pect­ing lessthan- zero tal­ent and then de­liv­er­ing a swift Muay Thai chop to the funny-bone with some of the finest comic tim­ing since some­one put ques­tion marks on An­chor­man’s teleprompter. Who knew he had it in him?

Co-writ­ten by and star­ring comedic wun­derkind Jonah Hill, 21 Jump Street is an ir­rev­er­ent yet af­fec­tion­ate take on the 80s su­per-moral teen cop-pro­ce­dural tele­vi­sion show of the same name. It’s also so much fun that I can guar­an­tee if you like the kind of idiot laughs in films like Su­per­bad, An­chor­man or Zoolan­der, you will love this film.

And if you adored the 80s tele­vi­sion show and are reluc­tant to see it lam­basted, fear not, be­cause Hill and cowriter Michael Ba­call clearly have a great deal of af­fec­tion and time for the show and 80s teen film tropes in gen­eral.

A bun­gled drug bust lands for­mer high school foes-turned cop school bud­dies on the Jump Street pro­gramme – where ‘‘Justin Bieber, Mi­ley Cyrus look­ing’’ adult cops get sent back to high school un­der­cover.

But things have changed since al­pha jock Jenko (Ta­tum) and dweeb Sch­midt (Hill) were in class. As the eco- friendly, geek- chic Sch­midt’s rise to the top of the pop­u­lar­ity lad­der tests the un­likely duo’s bro­mance to its lim­its, can they pull it to­gether enough to bust a high school drug ring, save the girl, their jobs, and make it to the prom on time?

OK, so the bones of the story are pretty much cook­iecut­ter buddy flick, but the jokes are fresh, fast and rid-

Jonah Hill and Ta­tum crack jokes and heads as two cops sent un­der­cover at a high school to bust a drug ring in 21 Jump Street. icu­lous – the drug scene alone will have you snort­ing your Pepsi Max and pop­corn combo out your nose – and Hill’s keen ob­ser­va­tions on how mod­ern high school hi­er­ar­chies have changed since Molly Ring­wald was in charge are hi­lar­i­ously charm­ing.

With some ex­cel­lent cameos and sup­port­ing cast – Ice Cube as snarling Cap­tain Dickson is ge­nius – top notch dick-and-fart type jokes and Ta­tum push­ing out all the stops to show he’s more than (not even a) pretty face, 21 Jump Street is my a num­ber one com­edy pick for the year so far.

Star­ring Jonah Hill, Chan­ning Ta­tum, Ice Cube. Screen­play by Michael Ba­call, di­rected by Phil Lord and Chris Mil­lar. 109 min­utes, R16. Show­ing at Read­ing Cine­mas Porirua. Re­viewed by KYLIE KLEINNIXON

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