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Ideas for help­ing pre­pare your child for school:

Teach them the al­pha­bet, both lower case and up­per case (but re­mem­ber lower case let­ters are used most of­ten when writ­ing).

Im­merse them in fun ac­tiv­i­ties and ex­pe­ri­ences which en­cour­age dis­cus­sion and help ex­tend their vo­cab­u­lary. The ac­tiv­ity could be as sim­ple as plant­ing seeds, mak­ing pikelets or vis­it­ing a pet shop. It is the lan­guage and learn­ing that come from the ex­pe­ri­ence that counts.

Get them to il­lus­trate their ex­pe­ri­ences through draw­ing and paint­ing.

Play board and card games with them that teach them to take turns and fol­low in­struc­tions.

Make sure they can do prac­ti­cal things like undo and do up their cloth­ing and open their lunch­box on their own.

Play bingo to prac­tise and re­in­force num­bers, let­ters and colour recog­ni­tion. You can buy these, print them off the net or make them your­self eas­ily.

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