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Stephen Twin­ings’ recipe for a per­fect cup of tea

The per­fect cup of tea needs wa­ter with plenty of dis­solved oxy­gen, which trans­mits the flavour. Fill the ket­tle with fresh, cold wa­ter. Pour the wa­ter as soon as it boils – many mod­ern ket­tles let the wa­ter boil for 15 sec­onds, which kills the oxy­gen.

Warm the teapot. When the ket­tle is half boiled, pour a few cup­fuls into the empty teapot to heat it.

Let the tea brew. Teabags need three min­utes; loose leaf and green tea needs five. The colour of the tea is de­cep­tive – tea needs sev­eral min­utes to de­velop its flavour and de­liver an­tiox­i­dant ben­e­fits.

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