Cats Breed Like Rab­bits

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Did you know that cats are more ef­fi­cient at breed­ing than rab­bits? While rab­bits can pro­duce more off­spring each year, when cats mate they are al­most guar­an­teed to get preg­nant. This is be­cause fe­male cats, called queens, are known as in­duced ovu­la­tors. This means that queens on heat, or cy­cling, only ovu­late, or re­lease their eggs, when they ac­tu­ally mate with a male cat, called a tom-cat. Most fe­male an­i­mals re­lease their eggs at a cer­tain stage of their re­pro­duc­tive cy­cle and if they are not mated at the right time, they do not be­come preg­nant. Cats how­ever will nearly al­ways be­come preg­nant if mated. In ad­di­tion, if they are not mated, they continue to cy­cle ev­ery 2-3 weeks un­til they be­come preg­nant. It is cat breed­ing sea­son at present. Cats are day-long breed­ers. They be­come sex­u­ally ac­tive as the day­light hours in­crease. When cat breed­ing sea­son oc­curs we call it “call­ing” be­cause the queens make a lot of call­ing noises, to at­tract the male tom-cats. It can be very noisy and even sound like cats pre­par­ing to fight. Cats can be­come preg­nant as young as five months of age. If a kit­ten was born in March, she may be­come a mother cat by Novem­ber. To avoid this you should look at get­ting your young cat spayed, or fixed as some call it, right now. If you would like your cat to have kit­tens, then you need to keep her in­doors all the time un­til she is old enough, so that she is not mated too young. How­ever there is no short­age of kit­tens with the SPCA eu­thanas­ing many un­wanted kit­tens ev­ery year. Al­though we pre­fer to do it when they are not cy­cling, we can spay cats while they are on heat. It is a straight-for­ward day trip to the vet clinic. It is im­por­tant to re­mem­ber that neu­ter­ing a male cat is even more im­por­tant. One male cat can make many fe­male cats preg­nant. Neu­ter­ing male cats is the eas­i­est way to keep the num­ber of un­wanted kit­tens down. Ei­ther way, the best age to neuter fe­male and male cats is around five months of age, al­though we can do it ear­lier if re­quired. Call your vet clinic to make a surgery ap­point­ment for your young un-neutered cat, be­fore it is too late.

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