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In 2010, the global con­sump­tion of beer was 182.69 bil­lion litres. That’s the equiv­a­lent of 553.6 bil­lion 330 millil­itre bot­tles.

Im­pe­rial pints can be found at The Malt­house, Hashigo Zake, Khan­dal­lah Trad­ing Com­pany and Bar Ed­ward.

Beer can go off when it’s ex­posed to light. This is known as skunk­ing. Brown glass slows this process down bet­ter than clear or green glass.

Malted bar­ley gives flavour and colour to beer. The darker the roast, the darker the colour. Hops give beer its bit­ter taste. It is a close rel­a­tive of cannabis. Tamar­illo, rata honey, rimu, choco­late, kawakawa and even pineap­ple lumps have been added to New Zealand beer.

DB and Lion Nathan make nearly 90 per cent of all the beer we drink in New Zealand.

The most of the kilo­joules in beer come from the al­co­hol, not the car­bo­hy­drates. There­fore, it’s bet­ter to drink a low-al­co­hol beer than a low-carb beer.

The first com­mer­cial brew­ery in New Zealand was es­tab­lished in 1835 by Joel Sa­muel Po­lack in Koro­rareka, now Rus­sell, in the Bay of Is­lands.

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