30kmh a safer limit

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Six-year-old Ju­nior Ian­u­ali was run over and killed out­side Can­nons Creek School in Porirua. To his par­ents, friends, rel­a­tives, school­mates and all those who wit­nessed the ac­ci­dent, even the driver of the car that hit him, this lit­tle boy was a child who should have ev­ery right to be­come an adult.

How­ever, to the NZTA and the Min­istry of Trans­port he will merely be a statis­tic. It is these sta­tis­tics and facts and fig­ures that all chil­dren and teenagers are up against, when they make their way to and from school and it will take an adult to change this.

It ap­pears that the car that hit him was un­likely to have been speed­ing in the 50kmh zone, but few chil­dren would sur­vive be­ing hit by a car at that speed. At 50kmh the av­er­age car would travel 13 me­tres while the driver re­acts and then the car would travel an­other 15 me­tres throughout the process of brak­ing, trav­el­ling a mas­sive 28 me­tres from ini­tial re­ac­tion time to com­ing to a halt.

If a 30kph speed limit had been in place in the Can­nons Creek School zone, then this tragedy may well have had a dif­fer­ent out­come. At 30kph the

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