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Dr Rob Kieboom makes some ex­cel­lent points about what the A&M ser­vice pro­vides to this com­mu­nity, and the spe­cific needs it meets [KMN, Nov 13].

Re­gard­ing re­ports that there is in­tent afoot to close it and re­place it with a para­medic ser­vice, it ap­pears that an ap­par­ent ‘‘so­lu­tion’’ is be­ing pushed at the com­mu­nity be­fore a prob­lem has been clearly ar­tic­u­lated.

Imag­ine this en­counter: A pa­tient en­ters the doc­tor’s surgery and has the fol­low­ing ex­change.

Pa­tient: ‘‘Doc­tor, I have some kind of rash and . . .’’

Doc­tor, with­out leav­ing chair: ‘‘Yes, it’s chick­en­pox.’’

Pa­tient, puz­zled: ‘‘But don’t you think you should ex­am­ine me? I mean, it could be heat rash, eczema, flea bites, sca­bies . . .’’

Doc­tor: ‘‘No, no, I’m con­fi­dent it’s chick­en­pox; ap­ply this oint­ment and use this sooth­ing so­lu­tion in the bath.’’

Pa­tient: ‘‘But doc­tor don’t you think . . .’’

Doc­tor: ‘‘Look, I’m the ex­pert. I saw a case of this just up the coast and this is the so­lu­tion we used. Ergo, it’s chick­en­pox. Next!’’

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