What at­ti­tude did you take into the chal­lenge?


Daryl: I did this chal­lenge for my­self and to prove to my­self that I could do it, and to boost my con­fi­dence. It wasn’t about win­ning; it was about push­ing my­self to ac­com­plish goals that seemed al­most im­pos­si­ble.

Was do­ing the chal­lenge hard/ easy/fun?

I found the chal­lenge to be both hard and fun. The hard­est thing I found was the eat­ing, it was very hard giv­ing up all my favourite foods but at the end of the day it was worth it. Prior to the chal­lenge, go­ing to the gym seemed like my least favourite chore, but dur­ing the chal­lenge and even af­ter it, it be­came some­thing that I was ex­cited to do.

What was your train­ing regime like?

I had a few pro­grammes set out by my trainer over the du­ra­tion of the chal­lenge to en­sure va­ri­ety and to keep chal­leng­ing my­self. The as­sisted train­ing ses­sions in­cluded weights and car­dio, plus I took ad­van­tage of the group train­ing ses­sions and group fit­ness classes (Body­Pump, BodyCom­bat) in the gym. To com­pli­ment my gym ses­sions I would walk/run up Colo­nial Knob, and also started do­ing Cross­fit.

How has your nutri­tion changed?

The nu­tri­tional as­pect of this chal­lenge goes hand-in-hand with the ex­er­cise, so my diet had to change dra­mat­i­cally in the way that I am a lot more mind­ful about what I eat. At the same time, I don’t com­pletely re­strict my­self. If I feel like a treat, I will treat my­self with cau­tion and a lot more self con­trol. I found us­ing the DrinkACT BodyTrim drink really help­ful. Even now af­ter the chal­lenge I still con­tinue to use this sup­ple­ment.

Your ad­vice for oth­ers that may be think­ing about do­ing a chal­lenge?

Don’t set your goals too high too early into the chal­lenge. It’s a must that you go into it with an open and strong mind­set. If you don’t see re­sults straight away, don’t give up. It’s the be­gin­ning to the new you.

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