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dis­pos­ing of them in an­other hu­mane way’’ was what would be done, im­ply­ing that gassing is an ap­pro­pri­ate way to do that, is ap­palling.

One hopes that hu­mane treat­ment, rather than just a quick and easy way to get rid of them, is be­ing put first.

An­i­mal wel­fare is al­ready an is­sue in this coun­try, and to en­cour­age more sim­ply be­cause a species is seen as less im­por­tant is dis­gust­ing.

By all means cull if nec­es­sary, and take steps to re­duce more pop­u­la­tion growth, but put the wel­fare first. peo­ple put in their bud­gets. Even if the cost was halved, it would help.

Peo­ple have in many cases had to make sev­eral trips to the tip, which amounts to a lot of money. I am sure many peo­ple would be grate­ful if this could be con­sid­ered. Kapi-Mana News has al­ways been a good read be­cause one thing you could rely on was its im­par­tial­ity.

But if you read the two ar­ti­cles (July 16) ‘‘Clock starts on coun­cil change’’ and ‘‘Pat on back for Porirua coun­cil’’, with the lat­ter not hav­ing iden­ti­fied the writer, then neu­tral­ity is ques­tioned.

The ar­ti­cles are very one-sided – pro-amal­ga­ma­tion and dis­counts to­tally the com­mu­nity voice and feel­ings on this mat­ter.

But I do like Brian Collins’ opin­ion in Let­ters. I men­tioned in an ear­lier let­ter that trans­parency has been miss­ing in this amal­ga­ma­tion process.

Well, Mr Collins’ com­ments clearly demon­strate what can hap­pen when due process is not fol­lowed.

If you read what he says and then you think about how the coun­cil has pro­ceeded, then you have to con­clude it had prior knowl­edge that the pub­lic has not been privy to.

In other words, it al­ready knew how to pro­ceed with the amal­ga­ma­tion be­cause the out­come was pre­de­ter­mined.

That, too, ex­plains the coun­cil’s strat­egy on deal­ing with com­mu­nity opin­ion – it sim­ply ig­nores us, which is es­pe­cially sad given that it has had no man­date from us to have taken this stance in the first place. So be it, though. Elec­tions are com­ing up when pop­u­lar opin­ion not only must be lis­tened to, but it will also count.

Edi­tor’s note: The ar­ti­cle re­ferred to – ‘‘Pat on back for Porirua coun­cil’’ was the edi­to­rial. It is not by­lined be­cause it is not a per­son’s view, but rather the view of the news­pa­per.

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