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Kick-ass 2

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Mark Mil­lar’s com­i­cal take on the tights and flights genre of comics, Kick-Ass, played with the idea of what it’d be like if or­di­nary peo­ple re­ally did don masks and capes to take to the streets and de­fend the de­fence­less.

The an­swer was pure (hi­lar­i­ous) car­nage, of course.

Kick-Ass 2 con­tin­ues where the first film left off, pick­ing up the tale of dorky teen noone Dave Lizewski ( Aaron Tay­lor John­son) and his se­cret iden­tity as ‘‘real-life su­per­hero’’ Kick-Ass, but switches fo­cus to a fan favourite from the first film, Mindy Macready, aka Hit Girl.

In the hope of get­ting back into the su­per­hero-ing game and ‘‘ team­ing up’’ with some­one, Dave starts train­ing with Mindy, who has never given up stalk­ing the night as a lethal, foul-mouthed pre-teen vig­i­lante.

But when Mindy is forced to turn in her nunchuks by her cop fos­ter­dad, Kick-Ass ends up join­ing a gag­gle of mis­fit su­per­hero wannabes called Jus­tice For­ever and draw­ing the at­ten­tion of su­per­hero­turned- su­pervil­lain, Chris D’Amico (Christopher MintzPlasse).

As the vi­o­lence es­ca­lates and Dave’s life ends up on the line, Mindy has to de­cide if she’s go­ing to con­form to the world’s (low) ex­pec­ta­tions for a teenage girl, or get back to do­ing what she does best – kick­ing bad guys’ asses.

Kick-Ass 2 is the most bru­tal, gory, foul-mouthed film to ever bust you over the head with some high morals.

With themes of friend­ship, hon­esty and be­ing true to your­self, the story plays out like an in­cred­i­bly vi­o­lent and en­dear­ingly earnest comin­gof-age film, only with de­cap­i­ta­tions, four- let­ter words and Christopher Mintz-Plasse in a gimp suit.

It’s re­fresh­ing to see an ac­tion film fo­cus­ing on a well­rounded, re­al­is­tic teenage girl who’s sym­pa­thet­i­cally writ­ten.

But don’t let that fool you. There is noth­ing PC or wishy­washy about Kick-Ass 2. It de­liv­ers its moral core like a round­house kick to the side of the head and fol­lows it up with a knee to the funny bone.

A joy­ful, ex­cit­ing and rau­cous ad­di­tion to the League of Su­per­hero cin­ema. Also seen: Much Ado About Noth­ing: A must for fans of the King Geek, Joss Whe­don, this mod­ern adap­ta­tion of Shake­speare’s com­edy of de­cep­tion, mis­taken iden­ti­ties and gen­der pol­i­tics is clever, stylish and, above all, fun.

All Grown Up: Teen su­per­hero Hit Girl (Chloe Grace Moretz) faces her most evil en­emy yet – the Amer­i­can High School sys­tem, in Kick­Ass 2.

Star­ring: Aaron Tay­lor-John­son, Chloe Grace Moretz, Jim Car­rey, Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Di­rected by Jeff Wad­low. Writ­ten by Jeff Wad­low from the comics by Mark Mil­lar and John Romita Jr. Ac­tion, com­edy, thriller. 1hr 43min. R16 for graphic vi­o­lence, sex­ual ref­er­ences and of­fen­sive lan­guage. Now play­ing at Read­ing and Event cinemas.

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