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I am writ­ing to in­form you how wor­ried I am about Porirua Har­bour. Here’s a ques­tion for you. Do you like fish’n chips? You may won­der how that in­volves Porirua Har­bour.

Well, the lemon shark only breeds in Porirua Har­bour and nowhere else in New Zealand and if we keep pol­lut­ing the har­bour all the lemon sharks will die.

That is bad be­cause you may not have no­ticed, but most of the fish we eat from fish’n chip shops are lemon sharks.

Did you know last year they cleaned up Porirua Har­bour and pulled out four tonnes of rubbish and five tonnes of tyres!

I am also wor­ried be­cause if the fish eat the rubbish and we eat the fish we will get sick from the plas­tic.

If you want a healthy sea and healthy people, stop lit­ter­ing. Here are some ideas to help: 1. Wash your car on the grass, so the grass ab­sorbs all the chem­i­cals. 2. Pick up any rubbish you see. 3. Try bik­ing to work or walk if you can.

4. If you hear about a beach cleanup, go along and help.

5. When you go fish­ing, only take what you need and put all the small fish back.

6. Spread the word and tell all your fam­ily and friends to try to help. har­bour are plas­tic bags and shop­ping trol­leys.

A few mil­lion years ago the har­bour was all clean and people would have been able to swim and dive, but in 2013 five and a half tonnes of rubbish and four tonnes of tyres were taken out of the har­bour!

So do you want to make the har­bour clean or keep it dirty?

It is your choice. Well, you won’t be able to have them any­more if we keep lit­ter­ing.

Years ago Porirua Har­bour used to be crys­tal clear, now it’s an oozy, muddy, smelly swamp, Yuck! Did you know that the fish they use for the fish and chips is rig shark?

Well, they breed in Porirua Har­bour, so that means they’ll be eat­ing lots of pol­lu­tion like clean­ing chem­i­cals.

If we stop pol­lut­ing then there will be more fish for ev­ery­one. drugs by mak­ing them le­gal.

In hind­sight, the syn­thetic drugs should have been banned a year ago, in­stead of so many of them be­ing le­galised.

The ‘‘le­gal high’’ in­dus­try, which I see has been charg­ing mark-ups of 1000 per cent on its prod­ucts, is up in arms at the ban.

This is surely a good pointer that it will be ef­fec­tive.

The next prob­lem is to deal with the thou­sands of people who wish to stop tak­ing the drugs and are now try­ing to cope with ad­dic­tions they have formed.

As with the party pills a decade ago, the syn­thetic drugs have in­deed been a curse on our so­ci­ety, nowhere more so than in Porirua.

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